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"On the Canadian border of Upstate New York, a small health system is a rare example of rural-based clinical trials for treating Covid-19."

– via The Daily Yonder •  February 15, 2021


This is an article and interview from North Country Public Radio describing our Clinical Research team's work in developing new treatments for patients with COVID-19. •  January 14, 2021

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Canton woman released from hospital after 49-day battle against COVID-19

This is one of our COVID-19 team’s great success stories. It’s the story of Abby Darou, a young woman with Down syndrome who spent seven weeks in our hospital with COVID-19.  •  June 18, 2020

Potsdam researchers taking part in clinical trial with hospitalized COVID-19 patients

Here is an article describing our COVID-19 team’s participation
in our first inpatient COVID-19 trial. I discuss how important this trial was to our team and our community in the first episode of my podcast.  •  June 13, 2020

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New York Times: "IN HARM'S WAY"

Here is a short piece from the NY Times that highlights my work in the pandemic. Thanks to the NY Times for their role in helping give rural physicians a voice in the fight against COVID-19.  •  April 9, 2020

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