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A Letter to My Community

With so much misinformation in the media about the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to start hearing more from voices we trust. Here is something I’d like to see more of. It’s a letter I wrote to my community about my experience to date as a physician fighting COVID-19. I encourage other physicians who are also fighting COVID-19 in their communities to consider either sharing this letter or doing the same.

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Connectedness in Rural Medicine

Here is a perspective piece I wrote for the first issue of something else I’d like to
see more of – a medical journal focused on the health of a particular rural region, in this case the North Country region of New York where I work and live. As Rural Americans, we must bond together while still embracing our differences. Every part of Rural America shares common struggles but also has unique needs and challenges. Congratulations to Alison Coates and Brent Faber and their team for launching the Northern New York Medical Review in 2020. May you have great success in the future.

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