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My name is Eyal Kedar. I'm a rural rheumatologist who, in response to a need in my community, developed an interstitial lung disease clinic. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, my skillset as well as my background in clinical research enabled me to play a leading role in my region's fight against the virus.

I'm part of a small team of medical providers that treats all of the inpatient COVID-19 patients in my rural health system. I'm also one of the people who helps develop new clinical trial opportunities for my health system.

I started this website because I believe that the COVID-19 pandemic has given fresh exposure to many longstanding healthcare disparities in rural America. There is almost an acceptance among many of my neighbors that rural healthcare can never be as good as healthcare in the big city. I disagree, but I also believe that things need to change.


Rural healthcare has existed in the shadows of American medicine for too long. This site will explore ideas about how to change this.


Click here to view my author profile on The Daily Yonder, a website that provides news, commentary and analysis about and for rural America.

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